Gelidus Research AC Powered RATGDO Compatible Board


The Gelidus Research AC powered RATGDO compatible board provisions.

    • US Receptacle 120V AC supply input
    • US Receptacle Plug passthrough output
    • Integrated ESP32S BLE+WiFi module
    • Flash enable button (power cycle based)
    • 3.3v UART flashing header connector
    • 8 Pin Quick connector
    • Optional 315Mhz RF module headers (New software feature in progress)
    • Status LED

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This Gelidus Research AC powered RATGDO compatible module:

    • Easy deployment to any available AC receptacle.
    • Occupies only one AC plug socket and provides an AC plug socket.
    • AC powered RATGDO compatible hardware with 315mhz plugin support (Feature in progress).
    • ESPHome RATGDO firmware is preloaded with the captive WEB portal.
    • Secplus GDO firmware is also available via this guide

Note: Dry Contact door openers are not supported,  Security+ Versions 1 and 2 are fully supported.


    • 60 x 60 mm PCB
    • 4 Pin ESP programming header (3.3v)
    • Powerful ESP32S Dual Core 240Mhz 4MB Flash, BLE and WiFi module!
    • PCB layout strictly follows ESP antenna specifications providing excellent WiFi range vs a current RATGDO layout
    • 8 Pin Quick connect
    • Flash enable button (power cycle based)
    • Powered directly with US AC plug receptacle blades (120 VAC)
    • US AC receptacle passthrough plug (120 VAC)
    • Follows UL/CSA specifications.
    • 1 Meter of 3 conductor 22 AWG bell wire
    • 3D printed protective safety enclosure.


This Gelidus Research AC powered RATGDO is designed to run on ESPHome frameworks. ESPHome integration with Home Assistant (HA) is ideal for providing a rich user interface. Adding the GRGDO1 to ESPHome and HA is easy using the preinstalled captive portal. Using any tablet or phone etc. that identifies a captive portal. You can link up the module without any serial firmware programming hassle’s. Once connected to your WIFI network it’s strait forward with HA integration.


Never operate the  Gelidus Research AC powered GRGDO1 module board without a protective enclosure, it will expose dangerous potential contact with your AC supply. We supply a safety enclosure and you can download our 3D printable STL files as well (If printing your own please use UL94 spec’d filament). The GRGDO1 hardware design follows UL/CSA specs.

Enclosure files:

Install Guide:

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