Gelidus Research Split Single Phase Power Meter 400A Kit


The PM1 Kit delivers everything you need to run ESPHome/Home Assistant Split Single Phase power monitoring.

  • Kit Includes:
    • PM1 Board
    • 2 x SCT-023-200-50ma CT Clamps
    • PM1 3D Printed Enclosure
    • 3ft AC Mains 18AWG cord

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The Gelidus Research Split Single Phase Power Meter monitors the energy usage of your connected AC mains panel in real time.

This Split Single Phase Power Meter provisions:

  • Energy usage data collection with ESPHome and Home Assistant
    • View the energy usage of your entire home.
    • Monitor costs of your electric appliances.
    • Review and graph historical energy data.
  • Reliable non-intrusively connected energy monitoring hardware!
    • Cost effective, very accurate and pre-calibrated.
    • ESP12F wireless module coupled with an ATM90E32.
    • Powered  via an AC mains isolation transformer.
    • Metering is connected via non-intrusive current transformer split phase line clamps.

Software Elements:

The PM1 power meter module is designed to run on ESPHome frameworks. ESPHome integration with Home Assistant (HA) is ideal for providing a rich user interface. Adding the PM1 to ESPHome and HA is easy using the preinstalled PM1 captive portal. Using any tablet or phone that identifies a captive portal you can link up the module without any serial firmware programming hassle’s. Once connected to your WIFI network you can interface to HA using one of the provided install guides.

PM1 Install Guide:

Additional Info:


  • IC: MicroChip ATM90E32
  • Real Time Data Sampling
    • Two current channels – up to 200A per channel using the SCT-23-200.
    • One voltage channel configured out of box, split phase channel option with an extra 6v AC isolation transformer.
    • Measurement Error: 0.5%
    • Dynamic Range: 6000:1
    • Gain Selection: Up to 4x
    • Voltage Reference Drift Typical (ppm/°C): 6
    • ADC Resolution (bits): 16
  • Data Outputs
    • Voltage
    • Current
    • Frequency
    • IC Temperature
    • Active Power
    • Reactive Power
    • Apparent Power
    • Power Factor
    • Phase Angle
    • Harmonic Power
    • Peek Current

Additional information

Weight .360 kg
Dimensions 16 × 8 × 5 cm


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